February Event

Our nominated research project for this year is StartRight Prime headed up by Dr Angus Jones. We have asked him to come along to talk with us about the project. Angus is a clinical researcher, with experience in working with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. He will talk about the project but is also happy to discuss your queries and comments about diabetes.
Please join us on 26th February 2019 6.00-8.00pm at the Enable Law Offices, Senate Court, Southernhay Gardens EX1 1NT If you want to reserve a place contact Deborah.Hepple@enablelaw.com

Just to give you an idea of the project we asked Angus to give us an outline of the research:
The aim of the StartRight Prime study is to improve diagnosis of diabetes in people whose diabetes occurs after age 50, to ensure they receive the right treatment. Diagnosing Type 1 diabetes in later life can be difficult. Our research shows that half of people who develop Type 1 diabetes after age 50 are initially thought to have Type 2 diabetes, and over a third of people treated as Type 1 diabetes actually have Type 2. This means many people with diabetes in this age group receive education and treatment that is not right for them. For example, a person with type 1 diabetes who is treated as type 2 diabetes, without insulin, will often develop very high glucose levels, and can become severely unwell with a condition called ketoacidosis.
The study will improve this situation by researching what clinical features and/or blood tests are most helpful in diagnosing the type of diabetes a person has. These findings will be used to make a website calculator and smartphone app to help doctors diagnose the type of diabetes more accurately. The study, which started in January 2018 is now running in 56 hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and has recruited over 500 participants. The full study results will be available in 2023, when all participants will have finished their study visits.