Big Bang Week - Day 4

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 4 of Big Bang Week (how can it be Thursday already?!) with Matt, our South West Improving Care Manager!

Today we are sharing an insightful update from Colette, our Director of Operations here at Diabetes UK. You can watch the video on YouTube here:  

Colette updates us on how all of the amazing work that you have done this year, alongside that of our staff teams, has helped us to get closer to achieving our five outcomes and our ambitions as a charity, that:

  • We want people to live well, and longer, with diabetes
  • We want to prevent or cure diabetes


If you joined our live sessions this week you will have seen how we are funding amazing research to help understand more about diabetes, and the way Dr Elisa De Franco is working to understand more about the role our genes play in diabetes. We also helped to give people some fresh new ideas to live well and enjoy healthy meals in a fun cooking session yesterday. Tomorrow we have our final live session of the week, a gentle session of chair based exercises designed to inspire you and show you how simple exercise can be at home. It isn’t too late to sign up, please just email us if you would like to take part.


As the Improving Care Manager for the region my role revolves around engaging with the NHS, local health care providers and lots of other people along the way, in order to improve the health care outcomes for people with diabetes living in the south west. The help from our network of volunteers across the region is invaluable, as it really allows me to focus my work, as well as gain the often very much needed local insight and support from people like you. Volunteers have helped us make changes to diabetes standards of care, improve the availability of technology and medicines, increase education for people living with all types of diabetes and raise better awareness among people about the risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Without you, none of this would have happened so quickly or so effectively, so thank you!


The last year has been a strange one for everyone, and we’ve all had to adapt and change to the situation we’ve found ourselves in. This certainly hasn’t been easy or straightforward for any of us, but I’ve been amazed at how Diabetes UK, the NHS and our marvellous volunteers and supporters have all adapted so quickly and efficiently to help continue the amazing work we do. I’d like to extend my most sincere and genuine thanks to all of our volunteers and the health care professionals in the South West. You do amazing things and make a huge difference every day, and it’s a pleasure to be working with you.

Enjoy the closing stages of this week, and take care,