Change of group status

At our AGM on 13th March it was agreed that we will become a Community Group.  In practice this means that we can continue to raise awareness and to fund raise for diabetes, but we will no longer hold our own bank account. As you will be aware it has become increasingly difficult to recruit committee members so that we are no longer able to fulfil our contract with Diabetes UK.
The meeting voted unanimously for the change and it was felt to be a very positive move. As the last newsletter outlined we have achieved a lot during the last year thanks to our committed small group of volunteers and there are lots of good things to look forward to in the coming year. 

In order to ensure that the Community Group thrives we have arranged a follow up meeting to plan our activities and respond to the enquiries for our support that we are receiving. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th April from 6-8pm at Exeter Community Centre – everyone is welcome, please come along with your ideas and comments.