It’s missing: emotional and mental health support

Diabetes UK are running a campaign to help people with diabetes get better emotional and mental health support. We know that:

  • 7 out of 10 people have felt overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes.
  • Three quarters of people with diabetes can't get the emotional and mental health support they need. This has to change.

We all know that diabetes can be tough. But outside our community, not many people realise just how tough it can be. In this video, Khadija, James and Nikki have helped show the reality of living with diabetes and why emotional support is so important. Why not watch it, share it and ask your friends and family to join the campaign?

Diabetes UK are calling on health services in the UK to create national standards for diabetes emotional and mental health support, including:

  • Everyone is asked how they are feeling as part of every diabetes appointment.  
  • A mental health professional with knowledge of diabetes is part of every diabetes care team.

If you want to join the campaign and tell the nation's health services and the government what’s missing you can sign the petition here.