My Journey to 3c diabetes

Having met Bob at the Coffee morning and heard his unusual diabetes story we asked him if he would like to share it with us:

I am 65 years old. I received a letter from NHS to attend for a Triple A (abdominal aortic aneurysm) scan in February 2018. I was reluctant, but my wife Christine encouraged me to attend saying that this is a one off opportunity to have myself checked.
On attending who was to know what would follow. During the scan at the beginning all seemed fine, half way down they came to a halt and seemed to be confused, I asked why and they said we cannot find your artery, on moving down it appeared again. I was advised that some sort of obstruction was blocking any vision of the artery around my stomach area.
On the 16th February I attended RDE for an ultra sound; this was followed by a CT scan on the 8th March. In June I met with a consultant at RD&E and was told that a large tumour has destroyed my pancreas and other organs. There followed series of tests and referrals, finally on 10th September I underwent a 10 hour operation to remove the tumour plus my pancreas, spleen and gall bladder and also alterations to my small intestines. I then spent several days in intensive care and five days on the ward. I am now on the long road to recovery and classed as a 3c Diabetic on insulin and other medication for life.