Open Garden

Open Garden

Our Garden Open Day on Sunday was a great success even though the weather could have been kinder to us!

We had 105 visitors – we charged £2.50 but we had some earlier donations and people gave very generously on the day and so we took £353.40 on the gate and from donations.

A friend and local potter, Jeremy Leach, gave the children some of his vases to sell and they also made some money from guess the number of cones in the bucket, guess the number of sweets in the jar, sold some of our plants and the girls did some very fancy hair styles for a fee!

The boys made £19 and the girls made £40.70 and so that increased the total to £413.10 and so we’ll be sending £207 to Diabetes UK and £207 to Chudleigh Parish Church.

By asking people we knew to sponsor Lara for her sponsored swim we raised an additional £110 for her on the day so she was delighted so overall the event raised £317 plus (there’s some money in the collecting boxes) for Diabetes UK so we were really pleased. 

The Pre-School, which is a registered Charity, provided teas and caked for the Group’s funds and raised £301.60 which I think was one of their best results – the slightly cool weather must have encouraged more tea drinking!

If anyone else would like to open their garden to raise money for Diabetes UK, please do get in contact with us