Participants needed for research study

Would you be interesting in taking part in a research study to investigate the effect of a drug used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes on blood vessel function?

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a gut hormone that is released after we have eaten, plays a critical role in helping our body use sugar more efficiently. There are several GLP-1 based medications, e.g. man-made GLP-1 mimetics (analogues), used to aid sugar control in diabetes. There is increasing interest in whether these medications may also have favourable effects on our blood vessels.

The VIBE study is examining whether these GLP-1 analogues can increase skin blood flow in individuals with type 2 diabetes and diabetes related changes to the eyes, and whether this response is similar in people with uncomplicated type 2 diabetes (no diabetes related changes to the eye, kidneys or nerves) or no diabetes. The study is also investigating whether skin blood flow response to the GLP-1 analogues is associated with how well the blood vessels are working elsewhere in the body.

This study will involve 4 visits to the NIHR Exeter Clinical Research facility on the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, lasting about 10 hours in total. During these visits you would agree to

  • Have your blood vessel function assessed.
  • Have standard clinical measurements taken, for example, weight and blood pressure.
  • Donate a fat sample from either your buttocks or tummy region. (optional)
  • Eye tests

If you are interested in hearing more please contact:

Danielle or Leila: 01392 403083 or